and so I speak.

I've been quite solitary the recent days thinking life could e any miserable for anyone of us at an instant like what happened to JC.Maybe, it's a person's immediate reaction whenever he feels sympathy towards another person.The thing that happened to JC is never mutually exclusive to anyone. The death of a relative or someone close to us is the common fear of humanity.

Sometimes, we ought to say, "I hope I'll leave first than my loved ones". The next day we realize, if that happens, my loved ones will be left in solitude as well.So we cannot reconcile ourselves for such a brand of decision that we don't even have a hold. For death may happen any time. The same reflection maybe which also sank into my nerves when I heard of Kuya Ralph Buyante's death last week. It's terrible. He died because he rode a jeepney with a wreckless driver.It resulted to a multiple homicide.

To certain extent,there's a hierarchy in the gravity of the way a person died. Some died not because it's any superpower's will but because there's an external intervention to one's physical autonomy. For example, a person may die because another person killed him. But there are also instances that a person die because of ages. Japan is highly known for its centenarians.

CERTAINLY TRUE! The time we spend in life is a reflection of all our choices. We can choose for example to engage into smoking, the likely reason of death is lung cancer. If a person chooses to engage in syndicate, then more likely his death is caused by policemen heeding for him. Either ways, if it's a bad ideal or a good fate, we are still the ones who will bear the brunt of our actions.

So how should we best deal with life?Or how do we make the best out of this life?
It certainly depends on a person. He can choose to be an achiever. He can choose to be a mediocre.That's what life is all about.

For me, spending time with my family is worthless. I hope I could spend more time with them given that I've been away from them since high school. And I'm hoping somehow that people will realize how they should value their families. There may be conflicts internally,but in the end, you will realize that your family is your real best of friends. No one can ever surpass the bond that blood ties have knitted. At the end of the day, the same family will accept you for your shortcomings. And the same family will shout for the world whenever you achieved something.

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