It's Christmas month.

And obviously this month,I really get excited.
I am now even excited to go home.
Well seems like, I'm dropping random thoughts in my recent blog posts.
So maybe, I could include it in my resolution to write more personal blogs that really includes pictures and all those things. That would be more interesting. So that you would know me better.

For those who don't blog,blogging for me is a very effective tool to normalize your emotions. Though, I must say, emotions at times which are confidential in nature, we could always choose to filter the information that we would want to share.
And ever since I knew how to write, I just love writing.
Most especially free writing, the one I'm doing right now.

So what am I gonna do next year?I actually have a lot of plans already.
Things that I'm going to share once it happened already.
Of course, the first outlet, is the blog.

Currently, I feel like I'm quite detached from my academics. And it's absurd because this is the usual feeling that I used to feel each and every time. I wouldn't want to study either. This is so different when I used to be in high school.Maybe because my lifestyle has changed already. I have different set of interests nowadays. Either ways, I think lifestyle should be changed into a better one. Something that integrates studying into my system. Another thing is the body clock. Well,I still believe in what Reader's Digest said, that if you do a certain thing repetitively for 30 days, your body will tell you to do that thing without your mind dictating you to do so for the next months. That's exactly how habits are formed.

I'm quite tired writing, just have to finish the SUSI essay.But I promise to finish this before Noches.
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