this days have been quite too tiring.
everyday just seemed to be so restless.
every time i wake up in the morning, i wished i could have slept more.
but i can't.
because i have a lot of things to do.
yet things that are left undone in the end.
maybe because i've got myself something new to do.
something which enticed me to do it first over the other.
maybe there's a fruit of wrong prioritization there.
or maybe because i'm just pathetic enough to make it look like i can really do everything though in reality i can't.
days have been passing by.
and seems like anyone who wishes to drag me down is succeeding.
because as you would know, my weakness is the people around me who i used to treasure.
which by the way is the reason why i make it as much as possible that nay relationship is done with no feelings attached.
purely professionalism.
shallow as it is.
but i've matured enough from the past.
and i'm not the one who used to care,

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