inner peace,the coping mechanism

We could have made a thousand different choice if only we knew what the consequences were in the every first place.

I think everyone has a unique way of coping with life challenges. Ultimately, we're saying that the right way to deal with a problem is when we will be able to contrast our action with how other people dealt with it.But what about having a very unique problem and you get to end like being the learning experience for others.

Recently, I've realized how we shouldn't rest with mediocrity. Well, I must say in the very first place, I am an extremist. Not extreme in a way that you're going to place yourself purely departed from others. Extremity in this context would mean you will not just be contented with sitting in classrooms, doing the usual routine you get to do every day. What you need to do is to make a color in life. Something which is not dictated with what they want you to do but something that is pure in heart and is bounded with rational reason why you're doing it.

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