Life this semester

I want to write something, maybe of random thoughts quite off to what happened this semester.

Let's start with the month of June. Obviously, start of classes and I could remember so well that I am very peace-oriented these days.Why?Because days pa lang 'yan after the Youth Initiative for Peace Conference 2010.Masaya ang conference except one thing which I can never publish here.We're taking our majors then and it was really a total shift from the usual academic load that we are taking back when we were still sophomores.But more than that, we also have new classmates, new acquaintance friends.

Since nasabi ko na naman ang acquiantance friends. I'll start talking in random thoughts.I have grave realizations these recent days about friendship.Maybe, If someone would ask me to define friendship, it would be totally different from the usual definitions that we have for it.MYSELF IS MY ONLY REAL FRIEND. I badly want to contest na it's unfair naman siguro to set my standards on what friendship should be. What if the person you assumed to be your friend has a different definition of friendship?Should that mean I am going to reject my friend's ideals and maybe question our friendship just because iba ung standard nang friendship mo sa kanya?

So much for that issue.Let's talk about fiscal matters. This semester is like a roller coaster ride. Kasi naman, parang all my financial stability plans nagfla-fluctuate. Pero ung major wins, I got 2 work this semester and earned reasonable amount.Regular ung scholarship allowance at ung allowanc from my parents.Plus, Tita gave me big amount of money. And I also won 2k from an essay writing contest.

But what about the losses?Major loss ung kamahalan ng dormitory. And this is the most major(apparently, hindi ko alam kung merong ganyan na phrase), I lost a cheque worth 5k.At meron pang gastos sa rebooking fees at mga bagay na 'yan .Kung merong hari ng LESSON LEARNED, ako 'yan palagi at nagagawa ko xa recursively (paulit-ulit) ang mga LESSON LEARNED.

I am planning to go to Singapore or Hongkong this Summer.hahaha.Kahit na maraming financial loss,afford pa naman. So what am I gonna do,SAVE SAVE SAVE.

so much for that. I have just finished exams yesterday kaya naman I am here updating the blog. I wanna write next time a good article about different issues, siguro sa Christmas break kasi busy pa ako this sembreak. I will be joining the National Debate Championship and 8th National Youth Parliament!!!

Ang dami na ng opportunties sa mundo.I will become a BETTER person each and everyday.


inner peace,the coping mechanism

We could have made a thousand different choice if only we knew what the consequences were in the every first place.

I think everyone has a unique way of coping with life challenges. Ultimately, we're saying that the right way to deal with a problem is when we will be able to contrast our action with how other people dealt with it.But what about having a very unique problem and you get to end like being the learning experience for others.

Recently, I've realized how we shouldn't rest with mediocrity. Well, I must say in the very first place, I am an extremist. Not extreme in a way that you're going to place yourself purely departed from others. Extremity in this context would mean you will not just be contented with sitting in classrooms, doing the usual routine you get to do every day. What you need to do is to make a color in life. Something which is not dictated with what they want you to do but something that is pure in heart and is bounded with rational reason why you're doing it.
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