biodiversity:adjacent to human survival

Today, as we feel the various effects of climate change, we realize the importance of biodiversity. In every aspect of human life, there’s an angle of significance that we see as it maintains the balance in our environment.
Soil erosion, as it leads to grave problems like landslides, floods and mudflow has been an immediate concern nowadays. This is one of the many problems that deforestation poses and how human survival is contingent to threatening biodiversity. Many environmental groups and green activists were fighting for causes that educate the people how illegal logging would harm lives. But if you try to look at it on another angle, the bottom line principle is preservation and conservation. We preserve existing wild forests that we have by planting trees corollary to our consumption through logging, and conserve even by minimal practices like recycling used papers. Because if only biodiversity is maintained , we’re able to strike a balance between human survival and preservations of our ecosystems and we will be able to prevent problems like landslides and other unprecedented phenomena that end lives.
On shoreline acquisitions like destroying coral reefs just to make new seaports, we witness how there’s a glaring growth in the number of endangered species in the seas. Or having red tides and fishes dying in the surface because of overpopulation of planktons that vie for oxygen. All these things are caused by humans. Whenever we have these red tides, obviously we have lesser fishes to consume and many fishermen and their families were affected as well. But if biodiversity is given of primordial importance, the exchange of gases is maintained and no life forms will be put at risk.
Indeed, biodiversity is very important. The climate change that we have now is caused by human’s unwise use of biodiversity as a tool for change and advancement. And corollary to this, its preservation brings about a lot of benefits. T makes life sustainable by achieving consumption ends that are just necessary to meet our existing needs as well as to leave something for the future generation.
The food that we eat, the air that we breathe, the land that we live, every human aspect is linked to biodiversity. And every life that counts, is bound to know its significance.

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