too late

i know i can do better
it's really sad to think that right after exams
we always get to ask our classmates what their answers are
and every time they get a consensus, you seem to get left behind
but maybe the brightest surprise is when you realize that you got the right answer
precisely because people become predisposed of believing that what may come to many
is what seemed to be right
well it's not about it for all times
we get through out of simple challenges we think are even less for the greater people
EXAMS are just exams.
but there's too much real in the real world
what demands can we put by our shoulders?
real demands are not there
but potential truth is it's not gonna happen
well maybe it may happen for less
but it's a plethora that has to be capped
i don't know but sometimes i just feel like you know this is life
and so what if it is
this is what i see but what else do i have to get
i even bother if other people would even feel this weird perceptions about living
and now, i just keep on escaping those moments when it seems like the world stopped
just for me to think of it over
you know i just remembered we've finished our physics exams
and i'm looking forward of being able to come up with good articles for my blog
and i just ended thinking that this girl behind me should change the way she dresses up herself
or even think that i should have secured myself with a green shirt for some change
it's not about being materialistic anyway
it's how people live their lives the way the world wants it to be
it's a no surprise for me that there are people who will always get first in the line
those in the upper leverage should be the ones expected to lead the upheaval
now i doubt what i am thinking of
so fine that i've made one of the worst decisions on how am i gonna spend my semestral break as of now
but maybe for some time when it comes, i'd realize it isn't that naive and i wasn't that stupid at all to go with those people
it's about meeting other people and getting to learn out from them
you know that we get to learn out of other's experiences
that's what life is
sometimes, i think that everyone really has the potential to succeed in life
just that wealthy people even get richer because they've spent their whole lives believing that life is about money and the whole purpose of moving is to acquire it
as compared to people in the lower classes who keeps on murmuring how the government fails to give them the security
it's not being rude against anyone
it's talking about what the real problem is and how social mobility is really affected by the people's mindset

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