recently concluded VMDC '09

now who says that life in college is boring?well, if you make experiences out of college it's going to be fun.most especially when you do things you don't usually do or you never really does in your high school years. when i was still high school, i used to join a lot of competitions, from olympiads and quiz bowls to journalism competitions, but not really public speaking at all sort. that was really my weakness. i mean to say, the confidence to speak in front of a lot of people is something that makes me weak. most especially when i feel that people are just so staring at me. i just can't afford those moments like i'm gonna burn if i'm gone to be a public figure at all. but now, it was a mile different.thinking that it was really somewhat a total emulator of some known public speakers at that, why can't i really go speaking at all?
some kind the interesting side in this tournaments is you get to know many people.some are really remarkable, most especially if you tear the flowers in a debate match, or you get to lose your nerves getting left by the bus. for sure, those were things that we could hardly forget, and i think those things make the debate community a place worth living for.like finding great people some even dub to be the Goliaths of the chain. or try to find people with really weird accents but highly analytical.
it was a nice break.i mean to say that almost all of us really wanted to have a break from our studies. the lessons were getting tougher so we need some rest.ideally, that was never a good excuse for the university to shun a little while.maybe , i was still exhausted, yet again, its somewhat far better than just staying in the classrooms. i want to talk and get heard.and i always wanted to see the two sides of the coin.i always wanted to know what's really happening around me just as an average debater should be. well, we should concede that there really are people who find debating as a weird thing to do.some of them even say it's senseless, but i knew well it's not.all legislations in the congress are made out of debates. it's the most appropriate way for us to reach out to two sides.

it was an extra-ordinary day, debating with the best debating schools all through visayas and mindanao, this year's vmdc is really cool and somewhat like an ndc.apparently, i am just new in the debating world. i didn't even know that there's such thing as a debate trend in college and other people are already making a life out of it.that was a kind of a weird premise either way, because there are also confusions in my mind.how can competitions just be competitions plainly and not a political sphere that everyone distastes.

after all, it was a very big fight. IIT made it to the championship. finally, i could say that our debate society is already recognized in the debate community. for hese coming years, i know we're gone to make some history.

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