palakasan '09

what really are the pros and cons of palakasan '09?


1. it engages people who just love to play the crack of sporty balls in their very dynamic affairs of the institute and prepare them for some outside competitions

2.it gives people who are justly obsessed with joining lit fests an avenue to cater their advances and make a good break for them to be recognized by the college as well(*no,i think i'm just becoming so subjective with people becoming geeks and trying to be TH at all, no or not at any cause)

3.it makes students really invigorate in making some kind of clumsy yells in support of their college to finely get the cup

4.it makes people aware that KASAMA is doing something in their administration

5.it shows that IIT is open to the idea of engagement which caters their good in humanistic thrusts


1.it disrupts the natural beauty of IIT.We see that during Palakasan, we don't just see cups walking in the hallways but all as well, super lots of commercialized flyers thrown everywhere
which is inherently a sudden exercise that may happen to some greater extents

*well what do i really expect?

2.it creates a cop-out for students to go home.though i also like that idea and a pro to that,the whole essence of why we have palakasan is because we wanted the students to feel what's the bright side of being a student.but the moment we create a trend that palakasan is nothing but a fad because elsewhere,people are going home,time will soonly come that palakasan is a sole event for those playing the sports and joining the lit fests.

3.it magnifies the cronyistic form of governance in the councils.well this isn't really absolute.there are brave colleges who really calls for auditions to try to persuade its constitutents that palakasan is a fair share of merit.but of course and yet again(as how ate regine may say it),there aren't just assumed to meritocrasy and cronyism is a prestige that they elevate disproportionately, which weakens the very incentives of getting the best of players and competitors for the college to win

**by ways,it doesn't really portray to me at all.it's just an unselfish share in two issues of the coin

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