on setting priorities

it was a sunny Friday morning when I woke up thinking of what am I gonna do today
what a kind is productive for a usual day and doing the routines I'm usually into
i got my cellphone; and my older sister told me of that new baby boy in our family
that was pretty cool - it's really quite hard studying in some miles away
i'm missing them..
thinking of new things to console myself-I groomed up for some lab classes in Physics
and i found out we're not gonna be having some classes today
(Thanks to Kenn for giving me some thoughts on those possibilities)
i have attended a scientific forum in lha and learned many things
from the evolution of neo-neanderthals to the present second metabolites of Weledia
i mean they are so cool and i can't help myself but to long for those times
like i'm gone to be like 'em
but i wasn't supposed to be heading so fast
now i was a sort cramming for exams
i did'nt expect time just got to be that weird so fast
like i could just freshly remember the line-ups for enrollment
and now we're on the prelim days
i was also thinking of how the VMDC might have come that fast
that i could have not prepared much for it
*it's the visayas-mindanao debate competition
u know i was one of those in the rack talking for 7 minutes in the rostrum
just to claim the nod of one
i don't know - but i really love debating
it was a big misconception for people to think that debates haven't gone that far
indeed, every legislation that we take in the halls of the congress has taken much debates before they are roughly implemented
well, debate has been a part of my ideal life in college
**just as i can't live without blogging
now for two years in college
i just can't prove to myself that i could stand alone
oh! i've just remembered how grateful i am to have really good teachers
i mean in our institution, one thing that i will never forget is the bitchy-shadows of really good teachers --
that was a bit cool
but for sure you'll also find a hard time dealing with some people in the student affairs

something else for this day?

gabriel billones jr

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