lessons learned

Sometimes, we meet our our own mistakes by what we do…but oftenly, we’ve got to learn from them because we intend to do it..And that’s what we are after of, ‘coz through lives adventures we learn where we are bounded with premes..THE REASON why WE've GOT THE LIMITS…and through which, we became better people..and to summarize the long chain of life, think of a wheel that will soon meet its end…a wheel to reach its grounds but will soon rise and stand forth..and ask yourself, are you worthy for such kind of life?????


How does one get to love a person who keep on hurting him?
How does one get to forget moments when they were together if one is far away and heart is left behind?
How does friendship grow when every moment, it ends?
How does love start when one is committed?
I vow to be far…
far from being judged as a wrecker…
it’s impossible-
we can never be,
she is a mistake.,
but greater it is that i met her…
and soon loved her -
i can be any lover’s bridge..
and yet i cannot tie my own.;
should I stop this misery of mine
or long for better times as long as feelings endure?

(own composition for Oral Comm. programme)

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