epiphanies:life is a bit sporty

the realization of how we must have put our efforts in whatever forefront we take, is something i just got this day..
i just can't find a reason why we need to learn ways in the worst ways they come. or maybe i was just acting that 'underdog' type trying to be the martyr in the chain..
well, this blog is got to be somewhat happy..
i must have shared something good this day
this day i was a kind stressed with the badminton thing. I think i'm gonna break some nerves for a 1-hour non-stop exhibition type badminton with all the critics of the whore
hey, there are no whores!!
ugm, well i must be getting so so into it
that's if i'm not gonna be losing my nerves for real
i just don't know how those people (i was actually referring to the asuncions)
**and maybe Paolo na rin,thanks for those vid tutorials
--tend to be so good at it
i must have missed some sports(y) type activities back in my childhood years
i mean they were the real bitch in the courts
but not in the rostrum (hmmm)
but one thing for sure,
i'm gonna be having some 'fixing' exercise for my body parts to function well the second time
before i'm gonna lose them next week(i just hope it'll be somewhat lighter!!)

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