heart's strings



now i like cats in green( that was a good outfit,i guess!!!)

hu says animals look up to presidents?(not at all...)

it's a crazy and weird contortionist

i knew this hurts.(most especially when a soccer player does)

cute babies.i think these picture really seems cool. i love this

this really seemed interesting in the first glance.



The Philippine Star Anniversary Feature

What is it about philstar.com that makes you keep coming back?
Updated July 15, 2009 12:00 AM

"there are lots of reasons why i always get enthused with reading philstar magazines.I know, or maybe, i just find it unique in a way.the story lines,and of course, the good repute it gained over years. ever since i've subscribed to philstar, i'm always well-informed of what's happening aorund me. it was a good reminder everytime i open my email that there's a world out there that needs an intrinsic concern.being a journalist at some time back in my high school and elementary years, i know that the ethical concern for a responsible journalism has to be forwarded always - the very reason why i always keep on coming back to philstar "

gabriel billones jr.


lessons learned

Sometimes, we meet our our own mistakes by what we do…but oftenly, we’ve got to learn from them because we intend to do it..And that’s what we are after of, ‘coz through lives adventures we learn where we are bounded with premes..THE REASON why WE've GOT THE LIMITS…and through which, we became better people..and to summarize the long chain of life, think of a wheel that will soon meet its end…a wheel to reach its grounds but will soon rise and stand forth..and ask yourself, are you worthy for such kind of life?????


How does one get to love a person who keep on hurting him?
How does one get to forget moments when they were together if one is far away and heart is left behind?
How does friendship grow when every moment, it ends?
How does love start when one is committed?
I vow to be far…
far from being judged as a wrecker…
it’s impossible-
we can never be,
she is a mistake.,
but greater it is that i met her…
and soon loved her -
i can be any lover’s bridge..
and yet i cannot tie my own.;
should I stop this misery of mine
or long for better times as long as feelings endure?

(own composition for Oral Comm. programme)


debating as a lifestyle

ICTSAA 7th season debate champions


on setting priorities

it was a sunny Friday morning when I woke up thinking of what am I gonna do today
what a kind is productive for a usual day and doing the routines I'm usually into
i got my cellphone; and my older sister told me of that new baby boy in our family
that was pretty cool - it's really quite hard studying in some miles away
i'm missing them..
thinking of new things to console myself-I groomed up for some lab classes in Physics
and i found out we're not gonna be having some classes today
(Thanks to Kenn for giving me some thoughts on those possibilities)
i have attended a scientific forum in lha and learned many things
from the evolution of neo-neanderthals to the present second metabolites of Weledia
i mean they are so cool and i can't help myself but to long for those times
like i'm gone to be like 'em
but i wasn't supposed to be heading so fast
now i was a sort cramming for exams
i did'nt expect time just got to be that weird so fast
like i could just freshly remember the line-ups for enrollment
and now we're on the prelim days
i was also thinking of how the VMDC might have come that fast
that i could have not prepared much for it
*it's the visayas-mindanao debate competition
u know i was one of those in the rack talking for 7 minutes in the rostrum
just to claim the nod of one
i don't know - but i really love debating
it was a big misconception for people to think that debates haven't gone that far
indeed, every legislation that we take in the halls of the congress has taken much debates before they are roughly implemented
well, debate has been a part of my ideal life in college
**just as i can't live without blogging
now for two years in college
i just can't prove to myself that i could stand alone
oh! i've just remembered how grateful i am to have really good teachers
i mean in our institution, one thing that i will never forget is the bitchy-shadows of really good teachers --
that was a bit cool
but for sure you'll also find a hard time dealing with some people in the student affairs

something else for this day?

gabriel billones jr


epiphanies:life is a bit sporty

the realization of how we must have put our efforts in whatever forefront we take, is something i just got this day..
i just can't find a reason why we need to learn ways in the worst ways they come. or maybe i was just acting that 'underdog' type trying to be the martyr in the chain..
well, this blog is got to be somewhat happy..
i must have shared something good this day
this day i was a kind stressed with the badminton thing. I think i'm gonna break some nerves for a 1-hour non-stop exhibition type badminton with all the critics of the whore
hey, there are no whores!!
ugm, well i must be getting so so into it
that's if i'm not gonna be losing my nerves for real
i just don't know how those people (i was actually referring to the asuncions)
**and maybe Paolo na rin,thanks for those vid tutorials
--tend to be so good at it
i must have missed some sports(y) type activities back in my childhood years
i mean they were the real bitch in the courts
but not in the rostrum (hmmm)
but one thing for sure,
i'm gonna be having some 'fixing' exercise for my body parts to function well the second time
before i'm gonna lose them next week(i just hope it'll be somewhat lighter!!)


amidst breaking borderlines

have u ever experienced writing a very inspirational blog
something that was just so natural
and something that was just so long (and this is what i hate!)
after a long day of a very stressful debate
not until finding out you haven't saved it naman
and you can't help yourself
--just can't afford doing it all over again...

**lessons to learn from me

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