sentimentalist over predominant urges

these recent days, i badly feel that there are things which are only meant for people who are big in the food chain ( well, that's how Miriam soundly says it so )..
the ghettoes never had the chance to be there
actually, when we take a glimpse of what the sides really look like..
it seems that the world may seem unfair for some matters
but primordially, even the very stances of being saved from reprisals
are small things that we should have been thankful about
i don't know ...
maybe because i feel that those who wanted those sheaky echos were never wanted by those who are in the place to begin with
or maybe because i was becoming too much preemptive of reasons ( hmmmm... )
by the fact that things will come by some time
not by how we wanted to take them at an instant
but suddenly then, since there are great avenues of repercussions and grave
possibilities that whore,
by trends i'm gonna do a better core
or somehow lift the ideals of inferiority and become ( again )
badly a prod never puts me into shame
haha..so the line never gets to be withdrawn just by some ill-purposes
let them boggle down in a shimmer of cases
and let the sphere be worth reckoning


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