foreclosures; the double standard

what i highly regard with the political immaturity of the very politicians that we have is the inevitability that even the penniless community were torn apart from ideologies of unequal responses and unserved social just.
that was really a weird one since if they wanted to really shift from unitary system, how does it really differ after all?
and since the very people who were fighting for constitutional revisions are the very people who i say are the real culprits of the grave existence of corruption.
well my question is simple, that if we go charter change, will it really address the political dilemmas that we have in status quo;
i don't know--what does a simple chemik really know in the political sphere?
but i think, the pact actually falls on how we really deal with these kinds of problems?
is a political shift enough to make us win the battle of corruption and counter the problems on mass poverty?
'coz i really believe that the problems on corruption were really never constitution-based
what we need are tangible legislative laws which exercises greater political will and bar these kinds of problems
but of course that there were wrongs in the 1987 constitution, say for example the restrictives in the economic provisions which highly bars potential foreign investors..
i just think that a political shift was too much for these revisions
and the legislators that we have never even have much contentions of telling the mass public if the kind of unitary system of governance really is to blame with these kinds of problems that we have ;
justly so then, what's the happening is that the issue on impeachment of GMA was even covered up by the media outfits and politicians NOW focusing on different debates on which mode of charter change is better
so ideally that the politicians in the government is yet still politically immature, it was never a high time for us to have a system shift since the Philippines was never prepared for these reforms to happen and most especially that they ride on the precedence of the coming 2010 elections

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