Filipino Celebrity Bloggers

Do you know any Filipino celebrity bloggers?

Anton of Awesome Planet does. Here is a list of his top ten Filipino celebrity bloggers.
  1. The Diary of a Supergirl Wannabe by SuperBianca also known as Bianca Gonzales (of Pinoy Big Brother fame)
  2. Lemon.Chamomile by Kooki also known as KC Concepcion (no one else but Sharon Cuneta’s lovely daughter).
  3. DaphneOP by Daphne Osmena.
  4. indie · boys · are · neurotic by sugarcandypop also known as Mitch Dulce (Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity)
  5. Ala-ism by VJ Ala (Jim Paredes’ daughter). Incidentally dad Jim has his own blog Writing on Air.
  6. Oohhh LaLa!!! Come waste your time with me!! with Patty Laurel
  7. Lea’s Multiply Site by Lea Salonga
  8. SnowWhite 2006 Flickr Photos also known as Pia Magalona, wife of Francis M who also blogs A Free Mind
  9. Anna Bayle, Website of the First Asian Model
  10. Charmant Papillon by Natalie-Wood also known as Ciara Sotto
Even the most popular people also find time blogging in their free time.

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