sentiments towards expectations

i find it really really weird.

in a world where not all people would understand you.Sometimes, the whole reason why we live is because we have friends.But the moment you feel alone, the only one you could really rely on is yourself.

Once I've thought I'm strong enough. With all the challenges I've passed, everything will never be put into mess again.But it was totally wrong. I mean, life is really an unending circle.

Even if we try to be the greater bamboos in the cycle trying to be strong by swaying in the flow, nothing really grants us the whole satisfaction.

I've found that no one will really understand who you are, but only yourself.

Sometimes, I feel like some people really love to mess the solemnity in one's living.Like one would really be a 'bitch' happy to take the preemption of deterrents he felt would boggle down the other's strength. And I don't know what's so worth happy about that thing.

Maybe, even if we try to certain things like we appeal someone would change, the greater response boils in their pact and nothing would just simply change that.

Well, this is a simple testimony then that people really are diverse. One may not understand another person on some ways. But it doesn't mean they can never be parallel at something.

people could just simply say I had lots of friends. And i think I could not count them.

I TELL YOU. The real friends can be counted. You cannot just simply say that he is your friend because he knows you or just because you are friends in Friendster. The real depth counts to those who will really be there in times of hardship.

So life is not just about who's coming in and who's gonna be left behind. It's also knowing who are the real people in the food chain.




  1. hi gab! i'm not so sure why you wrote this whole "blind item" thing.. but i am very pretty sure who are these people are.. now take my advice.. remember the line "tell me who your friends are and i'll tell you who you are"? well you have t live with that.. stay close to people who likes you and stay totally away from people who are not.. because when something negative is being said to then tali ka sa kanila.. spend time with positive people.. stop seeing then as much as possible and stop talking to them if you have to.. believe me.. i've been in that situation.. so take my advice.. okay? we'll make chika soon.. okay? take care!


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