sentiments towards expectations

i find it really really weird.

in a world where not all people would understand you.Sometimes, the whole reason why we live is because we have friends.But the moment you feel alone, the only one you could really rely on is yourself.

Once I've thought I'm strong enough. With all the challenges I've passed, everything will never be put into mess again.But it was totally wrong. I mean, life is really an unending circle.

Even if we try to be the greater bamboos in the cycle trying to be strong by swaying in the flow, nothing really grants us the whole satisfaction.

I've found that no one will really understand who you are, but only yourself.

Sometimes, I feel like some people really love to mess the solemnity in one's living.Like one would really be a 'bitch' happy to take the preemption of deterrents he felt would boggle down the other's strength. And I don't know what's so worth happy about that thing.

Maybe, even if we try to certain things like we appeal someone would change, the greater response boils in their pact and nothing would just simply change that.

Well, this is a simple testimony then that people really are diverse. One may not understand another person on some ways. But it doesn't mean they can never be parallel at something.

people could just simply say I had lots of friends. And i think I could not count them.

I TELL YOU. The real friends can be counted. You cannot just simply say that he is your friend because he knows you or just because you are friends in Friendster. The real depth counts to those who will really be there in times of hardship.

So life is not just about who's coming in and who's gonna be left behind. It's also knowing who are the real people in the food chain.




hi-skul callbacks

Dear diary,

I scrawled this letter to indite some points in life where we find ourselves dumfounded of the truth that lies against time. And maybe, I’m just one of those innocent victims of purpose-seeking sentence convicted in this rolling tire of vitality.

I tried to spare the time from moving and pressed “STOP”. I tied myself to the rope of falling yet helpless, I pushed RESUME. And if there is a minute left in you’re one hour travelling, you’ll never continue reading this because you think it’s senseless.

I summoned up the day in just a venture, halted and definitely asked myself but rushingly conformed- ENTER THE HIGH SCHOOL LIFE…

Talking about high school life- IT’S FAR BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS. I can never utter a word articulating these moments, but 27 souls in their very identities emerged sharing their life above their tongue prints. Let’s start with the lads.

Jesus plays the guitar, Philip carries the world in his broaden shoulders, Leandro talks on genitalia, Roberto repairs leaked pipes, Jon Lois thinks about his girlfriend, Bene contemplates dance steps, James prepares his M-16 mouth, Archemedes draws his N95, and Israel enjoying his sumo moments.

Now how about the gals. Cziarry is texting, Crisan on Wiglet counting, Karen is slow moving, Bebang is again shouting, Rhea in her drinking spree, Cielo is a nurse to be, Deanne rich and daunty lee, Cole is penny’s fantasy, Ceasber is the iron man, Mannah is a cartoon fan, Jennifer in x grooves, Pepay the goddess of yellow submarine, Ek-ek in her sassy moves, Katreena is the paluga, Stiff kay mag-sayo jud na, Janeen is forever lonely, and Arianne likes her head band.

But sooner or later it’s sad to say we’re farther, but then our hearts are nearer, ‘coz we’re going for better.

We always say it’s not yet over, but time doesn’t wait for us to move on. We must think ahead of it so for us to set the real juncture.

Immense drives, we push on living our own itinerary. We keep on imploding shattered prominences because we conceive we are in wrong track. We came to serve as bigots shrouding the verisimilitude. But as time goes on, we laggardly manifest the truth among us- the truth we once concealed, the truth we live abound, the truth that truly is worth reckoning.

Now tell me the truth, that the person not stated above is the true HANDSOME. Yeah, ayaw’g palag.( Gabriel Billones Jr.)

---ONE OF MY BLOGS in our hayskul CYBERSPOT..
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