no to random drug testing! - call of the students

"Drug testing in schools is open to abuse and discriminate against delinquents, emotionally-troubled children, fraternity members, activists, gangsters and other students the school may want to get rid of" .

Many questioned the effectiveness of drug testing to curb drug use among the youth saying that the United States which started conducting drug tests in schools in 1998 had no conclusive evidence to show that the measure was successful in discouraging drug abuse.

The government would only waste precious taxpayers' money by implementing a program whose scientific validity is being questioned in other countries. "Already scarce funds for education must be used wisely to buy basic school needs like textbooks, classrooms and facilities and not for an expensive and ineffective drug testing program," Drug testing in schools can be abused by corrupt bureaucrats looking to signing juicy contracts with private laboratories and companies. The student leader instead urged education officials to focus their time and energy on instituting a program that will include drug education in the curriculum of schools.

Students are very eager to join the battle against illegal drug trade and use in the country since it also victimizes their fellow youth "but they are rejecting the regulatory measures proposed by the government which seek to punish the victims instead of running after drug pushers outside the school and preventing drug use in the first place.

----excerpts from an article against random drug testing ( c/o NUSP )

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