From Rears to Bumpers: The Wonders of Bukidnon

If pens are the mightiest instruments for expression , expression itself claims the best avenue for life, and that is Bukidnon. People perceive Bukidnon as highlands for indigenous ones, maybe true at some point. But actually, there's a better way to describe Bukidnon. And that is it's a place to live through what real beauty is. 

Warm smiles, those are the first grasp that Bukidnons have in commonplace. Smiles that would always invite vigor to stay grappled with the scenic views that you entice during your first travel. Smiles that would no less describe how the flora o f Mt. Kitanglad or the Kennon-like Mangima Canyon welcome to trek the adventure - something that anyone should not miss.

Moreover, riding a bus would not make any difference after all. But riding a bus alongside the mountains and hills of Bukidnon makes all the sense. You better hold by your seat then or be prepeared being flown from rears to bumpers. Nonetheless, it better assures you of being allured getting hooked with the majestic Sumilao-Impasugong falls, or get thrilled how scary it is to pass by a 600 meters hanging bridge Atugan.

Festivities also place the rainbow shining over Bukidnon through generations. Kaamulan Festival, an annual celebration of the meeting of 7 tribes of Bukidnon always makes the tourists flared by their ethnic dances. It also features Rodeo, a traditional game where someone would suck off a muddy haystack after falling form a violent cow; or two people would try to beat the cow by their strength and tie the lonely cow toes afterwards. This is one way of showing how Bukidnons value cooperation, spirit of competition and sports-
manship in all levels.

Living through the highlands of Bukidnon is never to regret upon. Because in Bukidnon, we find where expression of real beauty is. And that is why Bukidnon will always be a gift to its people.

As what a song says,

"Wherever I may roam
The distance long to see
I long to go back soon
To sweet Bukidnon home"

- really true. For in Bukidnon, we find a real home.


Well, these are hot motions to shoe in...debates!
Round 1. THBT Affirmative actions in South Africa has gone too far.
Round 2. TH Supports a referendum on Bangsamoro Secession.
Round 3. THW Ban negative campaign advertising.
Round 4. THW Audit and publish the financial records of the Catholic Church.
Round 5. THBT the State should assist healthy consenting adults to commit suicide.
Round 6. TH regrets the dominant historical narrative that depicts Aquino as a hero and Marcos as a villain.
Round 7. THBT teacher-centered teahing methods and traditional education at the primary level have done our children more harm than good.
Master Cup: THTB being torn between two lovers should be decriminalized.
Octos: THBT the West should allow its allies to negotiate with terrorists.
Quarters: THBT we should provide assylum for sexual minorities in danger of persecution in their own country.
Semis: THBT the State should support religious and atheist organizations.
Union Cup: THBT the Philippines is better off with latin american populism.
Finals: THBT the embracing of materialistic consumerism has led to economic disempowerment across the world
Master Cup Finals: THW decriminalize corporal punishment at home
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